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What was this year in DF like?

Students say it best.

DF Collaborative Poster 2021



Well, this all went better than expected.


Let’s face it, with the pandemic, the distancing, and the general technology hiccups, no one truly knew how this would all pan out. Learning entirely online was alien for the Design Foundations unit, and there were plenty of places where it could have fallen apart.


Students and teachers had a lot to learn during this session. More than the art, more than the techniques. More than the Padlet submissions, the Zoom calls, the Web tools, and the Flip Grid recordings.


More than the individual parts; everyone had to learn to work together as a class. And we had to do this without ever stepping foot in a classroom. We all needed to learn to be a unit without so much as a physical handshake.


And everyone did. Students and teachers rose to the occasion. We, the 2020-21 Design Foundations class, did more than just survive in this new online world; we thrived.


This site is a testament to our mastery of this new way of learning. As you peruse the art of this year, recognize that we all accomplished this while leaping brand new hurdles. Recognize that despite these difficulties, or perhaps because of them, we have brought you some of the finest art collected online.

By Dave Watson, DF Student



Design Foundations is an intensive one-year certificate program that is intended for students who are interested in exploring a career in applied design and communications. This foundation year provides an opportunity to create a competitive and individual design portfolio, demonstrating skills in 2D and 3D design, drawing, life drawing, colour theory, idea development, presentation skills, portfolio development, digital production, design history, and written communication.

Students experience a year of goal-setting, guidance, skill development and refinement through a variety of hands-on projects. Students will plan, implement, and present visual communications in a wide range of media. Completion of this studio-based program will effectively prepare students for acceptance into a variety of programs leading to careers in the design and communication fields.

First Semester Courses

Intro to Design
Creative Process I
Life Drawing
Introduction to Digital Design
Foundations in Writing
Foundations in Presentation Skills

Second Semester Courses

2D and 3D Design
Digital Production
Creative Process II
Strategic Writing
A Concise History of Design

More Program Information Here.

A special thanks to our faculty:Jessica Massard, Jo-Anne Kyriakou, Ariane Wieck, Wendy Angel, Lynn Haddrall, Rachel MacKenzie & Erin Drawson

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