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Branding for Skillz Manifesto 2021 created by Taryn Kennedy.





Skillz Manifesto is Design Foundation's annual year-end show celebrating the accomplishments of our students over the course of the school year. The show has developed over the years to become an anticipated event in our program and an opportunity to share student work with the community. These students have conquered their creative intentions and ended the year as well-rounded and forward-thinking designers. 


With the current state of affairs, we aim for this online showcase to celebrate the many accomplishments of our students while maintaining aspects of the traditional event through branding, presentations of student work, and a continued sense of community. Please enjoy viewing just a small portion of what these design students have to offer.




On behalf of the Design Foundations faculty, I would like to congratulate our DF students on their efforts and perseverance throughout this year. While we do have a lot fun together, this program is rigorous and challenging. You all have worked so hard this year, which is obvious as we look at this online exhibition of work. The quality of the work, the uniqueness of the concepts, and the talent each student brings to the table continues to amaze us each year. 

Throughout this year we have seen you rise to each challenge and commit to pushing yourselves as designers. You have explored new tools, media, and techniques. You have brainstormed, and thumbnailed to develop an original concept more times than you can probably count. You have stepped way outside of your comfort zone time and time again as you tried something new. As you look through your portfolio and the variety of pieces you created, be proud of yourself for the effort you put into developing that unique body of work that truly represents you as a designer.

While any year in DF is challenging, this particular year was met with challenges none of us could have anticipated when our school-year began. We had to quickly move online instead of collaborating together in the studio. Your professionalism, adaptability, and resilience through this transition has been astounding. You have showed up—even if it is in your pajamas!—dug into the task at hand, and continued to create high quality portfolio pieces without missing a beat. Although this has not always been an easy transition, these added skills you have developed will make you an even more adaptable designer in the future. You are creative problem-solvers and there is no challenge you can’t rise to!

As you move forward in your life remember to look back on this year, as a reminder of where you started and where you are going. Take the skills you acquired with you and continue to push yourselves creatively. Keep drawing every day. Please sharpen your pencils with a knife! And always push yourselves past the initial obvious concepts to the really juicy good ones we all know you are capable of.

We are very proud of you!

Congratulations to the Design Foundations class of 2021! You did it!


Jessica Massard, Program Co-ordinator


A big thank you to Taryn Kennedy, Dave Watson, Mars Linington for their contributions, and all students and faculty for their involvement in the site.

Editors: Students and faculty of ARTS1160 Digital Production, Design Foundations.


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